Production Capabilities

Quality Production to International Standards
Weir has a manufacturing partner, NG Metal├║rgica of Brazil, who manufacture the turbines to original Allen Steam Turbines designs. This production agreement builds on a 30 year relationship with NG where Allen Steam Turbine designs have been used and enhanced to create a proven, reliable machine capable of meeting the performance requirements of today's applications.

The current production facility was introduced in 2009 and offers a sophisticated manufacturing process using the latest technology and adhering to stringent international quality standards. 

The facilities also contain research and design development centres and a large team of engineering specialists, afforded the most advanced software and equipment to allow continuous improvement and product development.

Weir and NG work with you to ensure that the turbine package meets your specific requirements. Where the final destination of the equipment is within Europe it will be CE marked, as appropriate, to ensure conformity with the relevant European Directives.

Solution Packaging and Delivery
Weir offers a packaged solution incorporating all parts of the turbine system.  This means that once manufactured the NG Allen turbine will be brought together in the UK with industry leading generator, gearbox, control panels and condensers or according to your specific requirements.  These are sourced direct, typically for European suppliers.

As the solution provider you can rely on Weir as your responsible supplier through our UK centre.   Beyond production and packaging, Weir conducts all installation and commissioning co-ordinating with our component suppliers.

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